Personal Political Discussions

Gathering with friends and family is generally a cause for celebration, but election time may change this. Each person has their own priorities in life and politics are based on individual wants and needs. The future is seen differently by each person and affects their candidate choices. People who have long been in agreement on many issues may suddenly find themselves in the midst of a political argument. This is a time when silence would be golden, but many people believe louder is better. Political cartoons are now the mainstay of many political ideas. Their proponents take them at face value and do not investigate candidates and issues for themselves.

Political differences have begun to bring out the worst in people. Modern political discussions have very little in the way of conversation. People seem to find the quickest ways to get underneath the skin of those who oppose their choices. Modern media has given rise to massive amounts of negativity in the political arena and private discussions. It takes little time or effort to inflame a person when discussing politics today.

Winning a political discussion in the modern world requires extensive knowledge, wit and subtlety. The experienced home political combatant will let other people shout and only interject comments when a misconception needs to be corrected. Facts and figures stated calmly will not have an immediately effect in many cases, but may eventually give rise to understanding in opponents. Funny comments about political cartoon art and subtlety in exposing errors may win points on a stealthy basis.

There are times when a person believes all the negative propaganda they have heard about a candidate or issue. There is no way to make these people look at an alternative point of view. For people with hearing issues it is generally best if they turn off their digital hearing aids at this time. It gives them a respite from political wrangling and keeps them from chuckling at the friend or relative who opposes their ideas. Ultimately it may be the best peace keeping instrument during political battles.