Expressing Political Opinions

Politics is an ever changing arena for the wants and needs of any society. Those who govern the public have their own views and goals. Not everybody subscribes to their particular way of doing things. This is how the art of political cartooning began. It was used by newspapers to help the readers see the politicians in a unique way. It featured prominent political figures with short but biting commentary on their exploits at the time. Many newspaper editors found this an effective way to express political views.

Negative campaigning has been seen more and more in recent years. The majority of television viewers might not know that political cartooning was one of the first forms of mass negative advertising. It was usually used to express disdain or disgust for the actions of a political figure. During elections, it was often used to illustrate the views of a candidate and point out their weaknesses. Occasionally it was used as a means to show the good in political figures, but this did not provide enough bite for political pundits.

There are many formats, other than newspapers, where political cartoons are found. Social media uses cartooned memes to illustrate their ideas and biting commentary. Often this form of political propaganda is used to spread information and get reaction from the public. It is an effective form of communication. It helps modern day political figures to cement public support for themselves or withdraw support from other candidates. Printing popular political cartoons on glass decals or glass transfers and putting them on vehicle windows is another widespread application.

The expression of political points of view has a long history in the media. Spreading the word is the function of newspaper and television station reporters. Their publishers and editors have long had control over the political leanings seen by the public. It is a time honored tradition to use these as vehicles to promote favored politicians. The exaggerated figures and biting commentary of political caricatures is one of the most effective tools for these media outlets. Social media sites are continuing this tradition, especially during elections. The need for political cartoonists will continue long into the future.