Internet Use of Caricatures

Newspapers are still hanging on, but they are often eclipsed by the ability of people to get their news and share opinions on social media sites. Many people have also found their political information on sites that have produced plenty of information and graphics for them to share online, and the internet use of caricatures is all part of it. Artists today that specialize in political caricatures have found new and larger audiences than ever before, and they are not restricted to a small local area covered by a newspaper.

Many recent elections have seen politicians and their parties taking advantage of social media to get their message out to voters, but there are other entities that have discovered it as well. Artists, generally in the forefront of technological changes that affect them, have managed to carve out their own online niches. Some of them create memes to help get out political messages, and their caricatures are in demand by those supporting or opposing almost every political stance.

It takes an experienced artist to create a caricature worthy of spreading, and their work can pay handsomely when it is in demand. Elections today seem to span years before candidates are chosen, and the number of memes available for distribution have become almost endless. Artists might be working a great deal of overtime to satisfy all the parties interested in their work, yet the end of an election cycle is generally the end of their popularity. Creating their cartoons today gives them much more exposure, and it helps bring more customers.

The many different political issues that have arisen lately has contributed to the excess of art needed, and it is a good bet many modern artists are willing to add their own contribution. Being able to help people make a choice at election time is part of what might draw them, but the steady income could also be an inducement. Knowing the work has a finite time limit is one more good reason for them to get out of their own artistic comfort zone and spend a bit of time adding their own views of a political figure could be one more reason to get involved.