Making Fun of the Famous

Perfection is often expected by those who live at the height of life, but they are generally no more perfect than those who admire them. Their life could seem charmed, but falling from grace has often occurred. For those who have used their fame as a weapon or tool, the fall can bring out the best or worst from caricature artists. Making fun of the famous is a good living for some, and they can almost always find good examples if they just keep up with the news.

The appearance of living a sinless life is often something famous people want, but their own moral failings can come to light. When they use their apparent goodness as a platform to lecture others, the fallout of their demise is often a rude awakening. Cartoonists have a fondness for those who lecture others, and they can poke and prod when illicit activities come to light. Doing this job is a joy for many, and even those who feel a bit bad seldom let it show in their work.

Exposure by the media is often what trips up famous people, and it can be difficult to keep any secrets. Those who excel at hiding their peccadilloes will find that reporters and photographs have made them a special target. Once they find something, the entire life of the person can be exposed. This is when those who draw the famous are often at the top of their game.

Many people believe cartoonists could be people looking for the worst in others, but they often have the same values of the general populace. They might not want to poke fun at someone who has truly made a mistake, but their job is to keep up with what happens in the world. While they are poking fun at the person, chances are that the person’s attitude and appearance on the world stage invited it.